Thursday, May 28, 2009

Little details that mean big

Sometimes when you least expect it, it's the little things that matter most. When I first got the car, it was how well the car handled, the way the engine roars, the look of the car, the smell of new leather. 

Soon after when you have a little more time to sit back, you then start to notice the little details and feel even more amazed at what the engineers and designers have done.

Here are 4:

1.LED signals. The lights are designed to light up in tandem with the foot pressure. The harder you brake the louder it gets. 

2. Bigger wing mirrors and best of all they fold.

3. Great sound doesn't have to come with big woofers and amps. Subtle notes and quiet whispers amidst the loud engine roar. Nice touch.

4. Strainers to keep dirt and rubbish out. No more feeling helpless to see dirt you cant reach in the engine bay.

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