Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the day my toy arrived

Approximately 7 days after putting in my booking, the toy arrived. Palpitations, sweaty palms, nervousness are just some of the symptoms that went through me that day . Nothing is quite like seeing your dream car right before your very eyes. Armed with my iphone I quickly took some snap shots of it as this comes in handy later when I wanted to see if there was anything that seemed out of place.

My sales person was really nice as she took her time to take me through all the paperwork without much hassle. After explaining all the documents that I have to sign, the exciting part came next. She took me through what the new LCI has to offer. Before getting this car I was using the 06 e90 325. That car came without the idrive and I thought why would anyone pay so much more for the idrive feature. Little did I know the idrive made driving the car so much more fun. All in all the whole briefing took about an hour. The idrive functions, the mp3 interface, the comfort access, the map, the bluetooth, the list goes on. 

next the driving experience....

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