Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Detailing - When is the best time?

E90 - first detailing job

 When do you start detailing your car? After reading many posts on auto sites, 1 firm answer came back. Not 1 month, not 3 months nor is it 6 months. 

Answer: As soon as you drive it out of the showroom.

 Reason being the car paint is not protected and it’s not free from residues from the factories. From the factory to the dealer and until it finally reaches the poor buyer, it’s anyone’s guess how long that process took. Usually the cars are parked at the dealer’s yard until a buyer decides it’s time to go. So the poor car could have potentially sat there under the harsh sunlight, the dust and the acid rain for …god knows.

 So you can imagine how much abuse the paint job could have gone through. The dealers do clean up and give it a mild polish when they get it ready for the buyers.

 So the best time to do it is when you take delivery of the car.

 The DIY way:

 1 Wash and clean up the car

2 Clay bar helps immensely as it lifts a lot of the unseen dirt laying on the paint job

3 After clay bar-ing, use a a good polish

4 Don’t forget to apply a layer of sealant to seal up and protect the paint job

5 The car is ready for the drive rain or shine.

 Or easy way - the auto detailing shops

 Just make sure you bought a package that includes polishing, waxing and final detailing.

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