Wednesday, May 27, 2009

10 things you hate driving the 325 E90 LCI Msports


1.     Is there good parking? – Small tight spaces are a big no no. Door dents and bumper rash are a big worry.

2.     Is the destination safe? – Excuses automatically pops up with dodgy areas.

3.     Is getting there too congested? Not being able to exercise the engine is torture.

4.     Will the valet attendant know how to drive it?

5.     Can so many people fit in the car. Only 1 passenger is allowed at anytime. Back passengers would offset the 50-50 weight distribution.

6.     Driving the car gently. This is harder than anyone thinks.

7.     Driving the car hard. This is tough too.

8.     Some idiot is always tailgating me to race with them.

9.     Other drivers are always too slow.

10. And their cars look ugly.

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