Monday, May 25, 2009

e90 LCi vs pre facelift - new features

1.   With comfort Access, open and lock doors with just a touch of the door handle.

2.   Start car without slotting in the key.

3.   2 USB ports for importing and playing songs straight from memory sticks.

4.   Bluetooth feature sync contacts, history with hand phone.

5.   Voice activation feature shortcuts a lot of functions.

6.   Map includes latest road data from Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

7.   Map includes estimated time of arrival.

8.   Map can also links to the address in contacts' profiles.

9.   Map can retrace the route used.

10.  8 radio station buttons are also touch sensitive. This feature allows links with in built features like engine management, map, fuel consumption etc.

11. Motorised foldable wing mirrors.

12. Service alerts built in.

13. LED signal lights.

14. Brake led light up correspondingly with pedal pressure.

15. Parking assist via idrive screen

16. Parking assist alerts driver of pedestrians walking too close to car.

17. Idrive plays DVD movies (only when the vehicle is stationary).

18. Idrive monitors tire pressure, oil level, brake fluids, front and rear brake disc.

19. BMW Assist feature available via BMW Malaysia.

20. Steering wheel gear change paddle

21. Sports leather seats with side, lumbar support, thigh support, memory functions

22. Left and right individual dirt strainers below windscreen

23.  Automatic windscreen wipers detects raindrops

24. Seat Belt warning alert that doesn’t go away until the passenger is buckled up

25. Back seats foldable.

 This list will be update in the near future…

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