Friday, May 22, 2009

Review LCi 325 e90 - after 1 month


The car came with all the kit any bimmer lover want. There's no desire to even look at other souped up 3s. BMW Malaysia seems to have gotten this right with this package. The only thing that I would rant about is the price. Good thing the interest rate makes it a lil less painful.


I love this lil gadget. Makes driving a lot more engaging. Lots to impress any passengers. Fav amongst the features is the bluetooth interface. I use the 2.5g iphone and it works great. No cops are gonna ever catch me driving using the hp. The map is good too but certain areas in KL dont come up. What I dislike about the map is the long process of typing in certain roads. The map records your journey. There must be a shorter cut of using the map. The bluetooth connects directly to my iphone. It's a great feature. All phone calls are stored there. The phone contacts are within easy reach. 


I'm a bit pissed with this feature. In US forums they say u need a Y cable to connect. But the service guys here keep saying you can connect straight to the interface. I haven't been able to do so. Again maybe some bmw owners can enlighten me how to do this without the Y cable. I took the next easy way of just pluggin in the 4 g m stick. I think this is better. You can store a lot of songs with 4g.


Can't complain really. As long as the mp3 file has got great bit rate the music is sweet. I recommend nothing less than 192 bit rate.


The suspension and the RFT aren't the best combination I have to say. It makes the ride too firm for my liking. I suppose it's hard to compromise on looks and performance. On twisty roads, this is the king. Very planted and gives any driver the utmost confidence. 9/10 here. Speeding on the highways feels a bit on the edge especially when you have passengers in the rear. Funny i could reach 210kph with the 06 325 faster than with this one. My best effort got me close to 195kph b4 the road runs out. Maybe the engine is not run in yet. 

Things I dislike about the LCI after 3 months.

Dashboard noise (I havent bothered to send it in becos I really dont believe the service guys can cure it)
The creaks from door sills (Ingress was kind enough to solve that for me using tape) but it still comes back every now and again.
The drive by wire accelerator pedals is not engaging enough. BMW must solve this. 

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