Tuesday, May 19, 2009

driving the new toy

Finally... i bid farewell to both the sales person and Mr Kenny Foo, the branch Manager. With the keys now firmly in my possesion, i made my way to the toy (rather urgently I have to say) With a touch of the door handle, the car unlocked. Sat in, adjusted the sitting position. Wrist over the steering, 4 fingers near the roof, arms bent. Satisfied, my eyes focused on the start button next...Ahh... the joys of hearing the engine as it starts up. I literally sat in the car for a good couple of minutes before I put it into D. The car moved without any noise at all. As I drove away... the warning from my sales person came back loud and clear... do not rev over 3000 rpm for the 1st 2k mileage. 

The car came with the sports package. It sits slightly lower than the regular. The ride is very firm. Active steering is not included and it makes the car feeling a bit stiff and heavy. At low speed the car feels sluggish and not as lively.

All that changed as I made my way to the highway. In no time the speed got up 120km. Stiff, heavy, sluggish was something that all disappeared as quickly as the rev counter made it close to 3000rpm. The joys of driving the ultimate driving machine came alive at that moment.

The journey from glenmarie to KL felt really short. It was for me the shortest long journey. 

To be continued...

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