Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why not a 2006 Porsche Boxster or a Ferrari 355

I've been asked many times by friends why wouldn't I consider a getting boxster or a 355 instead. After all the cost of getting one is about the price of the msport. The used car prices fluctuates by the week. One week it's 350k the following week it's 298. It's a buyers' market now. In fact I did actually considered to buy one of this before I decided to go safe with the msport. To me the 325i is probably the best performance car we'll ever need in the real world. There's really no need to go beyond if your criteria of selecting is purely driving fun 1st and babe magnet last. Here are some of my reasons.

2006 Boxster (299k offered)

How often we get to drive with the top down. The weather is humid, the air laden with thick diesel most of the time. Being a 2 seater have too many drawbacks. 0-100 is nothing to shout about. In fact I think the msport is quicker. Maintenance is another scary story. Maybe 1 or 2 repair shops in KL can do the work but who knows when the gearbox and the engine's gonna give way. Parking the car is another challenge all together. Door dents, razor-blade torn roofs are some of the scary stories. This car doesn't only attracts babes, they attract vandals too. So really apart from being a great car that shouts "my car is better looking than yours", there's not much to go on.

Ferrari 355 (285k offered)

This car screams "look at me I've got a small penis". Pain in arse to maintain. Pain in the arse to park. Pain in the arse to drive in the city...pain in the arse... The only thing I think it serves a purpose is if you go to the track often. On the real world it's pretty useless. You like to drive it to big functions but then you may not like to valet park it. You need a fulltime mechanic or own a workshop to keep it. So no go for me. I may be a car nut but not to that extend.

The 325 msport on the other hand is great to drive regardless of weather, 4 can sit comfortably, maintenance is free for a good 3-4 years, the car is common and wouldnt really attract the undesirables like a Lexus of a 5er or the Boxster. Hmm.. I could go on...

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  1. Good post, very true about the boxster, i had one for a while didn't like the looks i got from people, now i drive a 530d, same price but not affraid to park it.