Wednesday, August 26, 2009

BMW Mobility Kit

After the day a nail reminded me how vulnerable the Run Flat Tyre is I made a few research into drivers who changed to normal tyres. Most proclaimed how wonderful normal tyres are compared to the dreaded RTF. The top recommended tyre was the Michelin ps2. But since it's not a run flat tyre and our cars don't carry an extra tyre, the The BMW M3 mobility kit is probably the best thing to have. The M3 by the way runs on 19" and since the RTF don't have the technology to runanything thinner than 18", BMW resorted to normal low profile tyres. The M3 mobility kit comes with a portable compressor, tire sealant and a specially designed nylon carrying case, the Mobility Kit can help keep you moving if a flat tire comes along. Just plug the compressor into your BMW’s electronic socket to bring an air supply within reach. The gloves looks kinda out of place but useful in an emergency.

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