Monday, July 13, 2009

LCI steering problems

One of the popular rants about the new LCI is the power steering. I never like it since day 1. It felt remote and not really as precise as my older cars. Of late the seems to be more travel on the steering. Progressively it became worse. A low clunk is felt whenever the steering is turn anti clockwise. You don't really know how important a precise steering is. Only when it starts to act funny. Made a complain with the BMW service. They say it's not a common problem. Anyway I send it in and they took 2 days to sort out the kink... well sort of. The steering felt lighter and smoother after the repair but there's still the little soft clunk. Well if you are reading this and have this problem, do send it in. It's not suppose to be there. I've read in the forums where some drivers say it can't be fixed and usually it has a bit of free play on the steering.

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