Thursday, July 2, 2009

e90 LCI M sport in 4 colours

Here are the four official colours that you can choose from. Titanium Silver, Le mans Blue, Black and White. I have not seen it in any other colours apart from the 4 I mentioned. White and Black seems to be the popular choices just looking through the web. Over in KL I haven't come across any Le Mans blue on the street. My favourite is still the Titanium Silver. It's got huge presence and looks big in comparison with the other colours.

The white looks too feminine to my liking. To most buyers, white is the new black. Too bad it's very common to see white cars in all shapes and sizes on the road.

The Black is my next favourite colour. Problem with black is that the car don't look like an Msport. The kit is well hidden and I guess some buyers like the subtlety of it.

Le Mans Blue was The M Sport colour a few years ago. Somehow it never caught on. Maybe it's because Blue is a taboo colour for the chinese. Resale value for uncommon colours are pretty bad.

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