Friday, June 19, 2009

New facelift BMW Z4 - Rm411,000

Was invited to the Z4 launch last night at the Pavilion. The official launch pictures on the BMW sites looked bloody gorgeous. In a way, among many who including myself did turn up, was looking forward to seeing the new shape. The pre-face lift z4 looked too ugly for my liking. The shark like nose and the odd side shapes was just too much.

The launch at Pavilion looked grand but I actually wished it was held at a venue that was conducive to at the very least a test drive. Well that didn't materialise. The excuse was there wasn't enough cars to be used as test. I suppose cars at that price shouldn't come easy.

The launch wasn't anything to shout about. Some guy came up and spoke about the car but the bad AV sound system just reduced him to ambient noise.

Finally after waiting for half an hour, they undid the veil. The car looked pretty gorgeous. The original "out of proportion angles" were corrected into a very smart looking roadster. The front looks pretty damn aggressive. It should give a run for the Boxster anyday. Do enjoy the pics. Cheerio.

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